I’m Harrison. Among other things, I’m a Technologist, a Creative, and a Dad. You can read more about my background in the About section. My interesting professional and personal projects are all described in the Projects section. Everything else here is a collection of my own ideas, and combining my ideas with $2 will get you a coffee at most fast food places!

The Ides of March

Twenty years ago today - the Ides of March, 2002 - I enlisted in the Army National Guard. Unlike most of the young men and women going through in-processing that day in Boston, I was already a college graduate, I was already married, and I wasn’t exactly young. I was twenty-eight years old. Had a full-time job as a software engineer, had a mortgage. What motivated me to join was a sense that I could be doing more to serve others.
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Fast Food

When I was in high school, I had a fast food job in the local shopping mall. I was in Danbury, CT, which was close enough to New York City to attract a lot of business from urbanites looking for a change of scenery on the weekends. This made for very busy weekend shifts, and absolutely insane holiday rushes. Each day as Christmas of my senior year approached, hungry shoppers would be stacked up in twisting lines, five people deep, in front of every restaurant in the food court.
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Fedora 31 on the Razer Stealth GTX (Late 2019)

My hunt for a shiny new laptop always starts with the best of intentions, but well-intentioned laptops usually don’t come with gaming-ready GPUs. What do I mean by a “well-intentioned” laptop? I have a lot of respect for System76 and Star Labs for their lovely Linux-first systems, and particular respect for Purism‘s holistic approach to the union of open source hardware and privacy. But I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t admit that my ideal laptop is just as capable of running triple-A video games as it is of running Linux-based workloads.
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2019: Year of the Spartan

In October of 2018, I got my annual physical and came face-to-face with the reality of my current weight and fitness levels. I was at 30 BMI and at my lowest amount of regular physical activity in years. The trend was not good. My wife encouraged me to try Noom – I signed up for it the same day as my physical – and the support and coaching that I got through that little mobile app was transformational.
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Cocktail Hour Here at The Internet Shipyards, Friday night is cocktail night. Today’s special guest: the Rusty Nail, also known as the World’s Simplest Cocktail. 1 part Drambuie 1 part cheap scotch I can’t overstate how cheap the scotch should be. If it doesn’t come in a bottle with a white label that says “SCOTCH” on it, it’s probably too fancy for this cocktail. Cheers 🙂
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