I’m Harrison. Among other things, I’m a Technologist, a Creative, and a Dad. You can read more about my background in the About section. My interesting professional and personal projects are all described in the Projects section. Everything else here is a collection of my own ideas, and combining my ideas with $2 will get you a coffee at most fast food places!

TL;DR: Stop Expecting Achievements to Make You Happy

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OS X to Fedora 20: The User Experience, Part 2

Just tuning in? Have a look at Part 1 to find out how I installed Fedora 20 on a MacBook Air and why I am so interested in trying to duplicate or even surpass the user experience that I previously enjoyed with OS X. The Cloud Cloud-based mail, calendaring and file synching have really levelled the playing field between the desktop OSes. It doesn’t matter if you are using OS X or Linux if you read your e-mail in a web browser.
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OS X to Fedora 20: The User Experience, Part 1

A little background here: I have been a Mac enthusiast for a number of years now. I would not say that I am religious about OS X, but if the OS X user experience is a philosophical application of “opinionated software”, then I find myself in agreement with most of the opinions that the Apple UX team has expressed. However, I am also an open source developer. I’d like to believe that it is possible to create a similar and possibly even superior experience with a Linux-based desktop environment.
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